Road sweeper

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Street cleaning machines

Street sweepers are heavy-duty vehicles equipped with brushes for sweeping, water sprinkling systems, and blades for snow or large objects removing.

STS-Global will assist with the selection and delivery of market reliably proven street sweepers anywhere in the world.

The company guarantees a regular supply of consumables and spare parts for street cleaning machines supplied by STS-Global, and also ensures the supply of accessories and spare parts for the customer's heavy-duty equipment.

Road sweeper SweepMaster 450-ST

The road sweeper SweepMaster 450-ST is designed for large-scale cleaning jobs on streets, highways, large construction sites and different municipal areas.

The main features of the SweepMaster 450-ST:

  • Overall dimensions — without attachments 190x67x121 inches (482x170x307 cm)
  • Weight — with cab 5,600 lbs (2540 kg)
  • Engine — Kubota V3307 Tier 4F 74 HP with tilt-to-open cover for full access to engine and accessories
  • Sweeping width — 80 inches (200 cm)
  • Brush drive — Direct Drive Motor, 210 RPM under load
  • Sweeping angle — 45 degrees to the left or right
  • Water sprinkling system — 160 gallon (730 l) polymer tank
  • Air cleaner — dual element type with pre-cleaner
  • Cab — increased in height with optimized geometry for increased comfort and operator visibility
  • Windshield — forward-slanted for dirt accumulation reducing
  • Driver's area — equipped with additional power outlets and large cup holders