Consumables and miscellaneous

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Auto consumables wholesale

Auto consumables picture 1STS-Global supplies a wide variety of miscellaneous and consumable products from famous international brands, such as:

  • Car roof toppers 
  • Loose wheel nut indicators 
  • Fuel line heaters
  • Engine block heaters
  • Reverse cameras
  • Roof racks 
  • Accident kits
  • Wheel locks 
  • Snow blowers, snow equipment
  • Roll cages
  • Pallet trucks
  • Oil products
  • Batteries 
  • Oil containers
  • Oil waste absorbing products 
  • Antifreeze 
  • Snow chains
  • Nuts, washers, bolts etc.

Supplies for any event and any climate

On a daily basis, STS-Global already supplies organizations to meet their requirements for running a maintenance setup like yours. We can supply different brands and products for each category.

Picture of ABB modular DIN-Rail products

STS-Global would be happy to assist you with any inquiry you might have. For workshops, buildings, vehicles, professional kitchens, cooling and heating, power supplies, fences, roof repair materials or weather-related products for extremely cold and extremely hot environments.

If your company has a large fleet of vehicles where special security products like accident kits, roll cages and safety belts are required, we can also supply certified products.

If you have any doubt, just ask us and we will give you straight answers to straight questions and send you a free offer.