Vehicle accessories

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Automotive accessories

Picture of BullbarSTS-Global can fit any accessory for new or used vehicles.

Many of the new vehicles we supply are requested with special accessories such as:

  • Electric winches 
  • Roof racks 
  • Free wheeling hubs
  • Internal or external roll cages
  • Bull bars
  • Engine block heaters 
  • Jerry can holders
  • Fuel line heaters 
  • Extra fog- or spotlights
  • Extra seat belts
  • Side steps
  • Special tires
  • Truck canopy
  • Spare wheel carrier
  • Bed liner
  • Alloy checker plates
  • Accident kit
  • Wheel nut check points
  • Recovery equipment 
  • High air intake
  • Special seat covers
  • Roof-fitted AC

Custom-made accessories

Picture of car accessories

Regardless of whether its maintenance support, disaster relief work, oil and mining or any other overseas operation, organizations often have requirements for special accessories when operating in extreme weather and off-road conditions.

STS-Global has many years of experience in making modifications and developing custom-made solutions on client’s special request.

If you need special safety accessories or accessories in general, STS-Global can find the best solution to meet your specific requirements.