Reefer containers

Refrigerated containers picture
Reefer container picture
Carrier reefer container picture
Refrigerated container front view
Refrigerated container inside view
Reefer container inside view
Refrigeration container unit
Reefer container unit

Container refrigeration

A reefer container is a refrigerated container designed for the storage of chilled and frozen products for transportation over long distances.

Refrigerated containers are equipped with a refrigerated unit and are used both for transportation of goods and as a stationary refrigeration installation.

Carrier reefers

The new Carrier PrimeLINE® refrigerated containers feature lower operating costs and low CO2 emissions.

Fully loaded PrimeLINE refrigeration units are the most energy efficient on the refrigerator container’s market today. The efficiency of these units is achieved with an advanced digitally scroll compressor designed for R-134a refrigerant in a container application.

Carrier reefer containers have excellent deep-freeze performance and industry-leading dehumidification capacity, down to 50%.

Cooling capacity: ambient at +100°F (+38°C) with exclusive HFC-134a digital scroll compressor

Temperature Watts Btu/hr
+35°F (+2°C) 12,000 40,900
0°F (-18°C) 6,600 22,500
-20°F (-29°C) 4,400 15,000

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice!

20 ft refrigerated container features

  • 460v 3 phase, 30a, 15kva electric requirement
  • New Carrier PrimeLINE® refrigeration unit
  • Warranty: 1 year for complete unit, 3 years for motor and compressor
  • White refrigerated container shell
  • Stainless steel interior panels
  • Extruded aluminum ‘T’ floor, suitable for forklift travel
  • Dual rear cargo doors