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Gate valves

A gate valve is one of the main components for an industrial pipeline that can fully open or close the flow of an operating medium.

The reliability and simplicity of a gate valves construction allows you quickly convert the mode of operation for common and main pipeline systems.

Valve application

Picture of valve gate

  • Cold and hot water supply systems
  • Gas supply systems
  • Oil pipelines
  • Gas lines
  • Marine Industry etc.

Pipeline supply

STS-Global can supply a wide range of pipeline products allowing you to develop and equip any configuration of pipeline communications.

STS-Global will supply high-quality flow control, check, pressure reducing, safety, poppet, thermal expansion or sampling valves from leading world manufacturers to anywhere in the world.

Water supply

The company's specialists will select the necessary set of gate, butterfly, swing, air, control valves, valves, hydrants, accessories and much more for efficient water supply solutions, in accordance with the individual needs of each client.

Our company will provide piping components in accordance with local standards and approvals, including core standards such as: AWWA, DIN, BS, JIS and AS.