Eagle Bobtail tow tractor

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Eagle tug dashboard
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Eagle tug picture 1

Cargo towing tractor

Bobtail tow tractors were developed over 50 years ago by the American company Eagle Tugs specifically for air cargo industry needs.

High-speed cargo towing tractors Eagle Bobtails are built on shortened and strengthened Ford Super-duty chassis.

The Eagle tow tractors are built to reliably tow heavier weight at higher speeds, the trucks have more comfortable operator’s cabins and the vehicle lasts more than 3 times longer when compare with traditional cargo tractors.

Picture of Eagle Bobtail tow tractor

Differences between Eagle Bobtail and other industrial tractors

  • Eagle Tugs was the design creator of the Bob Tail more than 45 years ago.
  • Ford F-350 and F-550 super duty chassis, which have been commercially proven in its industry for reliability with an advance braking system and drivetrain.
  • Ford cabs are safe, comfortable and ergonomic.
  • Air conditioning is standard equipment (can be removed upon request).
  • Rear sight tunnel for the operator providing direct hitch visibility.
  • Limited slip rear axle.
  • Heavy steel body, rear and front bumpers, including heavy tubular grill guard and side protection.