Commercial kitchen mixers

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Industrial mixers

Commercial or industrial kitchen mixers serve as stationary kitchen equipment, effortlessly blending, kneading, and whipping ingredients. They are specifically designed to enhance commercial kitchens and businesses' performance and efficiency.

The versatility of commercial mixers is evident in their capacity to handle a diverse range of tasks, ranging from gently mixing dough and cake batters to whipping up puffed cream, creating various mousses, and preparing mayonnaise.

These machines feature powerful motors and robust construction, that is allowing them to handle large batches with ease. This capability significantly reduces the time and labor required for manual mixing.

The precise engineering of commercial mixers ensures that each batch is perfectly mixed and uniform, whether you are creating a smooth mousse or kneading the ideal pizza dough.

Industrial mixer advantages:

  • Large bowls capacity
  • Quick-release agitators for easy attachments changing
  • Possibility of kneading dough, creams, mousses and other liquids, regardless of density

Hobart mixers

The Hobart lineup of commercial kitchen mixers presents an extensive selection of mixers available in various sizes and capacities, catering to the requirements of diverse industrial food production settings.

The manufacturer provides a diverse range of industrial mixers, starting from compact tabletop models ideal for smaller establishments to floor-standing mixers designed to manage large-scale production.

Hobart mixers integrate intelligent features, user-friendly controls, and energy-efficient mechanisms. The array of attachments offered makes this kitchen equipment essential for skilled chefs and bakers alike.

Commercial kitchen equipment

STS-Global offers an extensive array of commercial kitchen equipment and accessories sourced from top-notch global manufacturers.

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